A proper planning to a new career

new careerAt the very beginning of your journey to education, i.e. during the initial days of your school lives, you aspire to become a doctor, pilot, actor, etc. and the funny part is you are very oblivious about the strings attached to your dreams or the ways to achieve them. By the time you reach your mid school period you have almost forgotten about our pre-primary dreams. Now, you decide on the streams you would be opting for in high school in order to pursue a career on it. Now there might be deviations here as well for many, until you have completed your schooling. Well that was just the intrigue to your career life. It is time for graduation now and though many tend to stick to their subjects and pre set ambitions, many shift to very different courses. This is a step closer to your career and it continues until you make it to the zenith, which is different for different individuals. Shaping up your career Making a career not at all a cakewalk, it requires you to invest both your money and time, Therefore, proper information and guidance is important before the investments. However, if you are planning to change your career in your mid life or planning to make a new start, it is never too late. Nevertheless, before you change your career make sure you know what you want exactly. Once you decide on that, you will need to set up short term, intermediate and long term goals along with the steps needed to accomplish them. It requires commitment and focus to change your career. In case you are skeptical about things and need proper guidance and advice, you can always refer to a guide to career change. The guide can be the internet, books or any motivator in person. Steps to consider before making a shift After you have decided on changing your career it’s time to assess yourself, evaluate your skills, values, interests and personality. You can resort to career development professionals or career counselors for the purpose. After the analysis make a list of occupations and then short list from the lot that appeals your interests. Make a thorough research on the occupations that you have decided to explore. Look out for the job outlook, eligibility requisites, advancement opportunities and earnings. Now that you have educated yourself enough on the jobs, start narrowing down the list. If you find yourself suitable for a job, mark it to your final list and for those that requires higher qualifications or if the earnings are inadequate for you, you should discard them altogether because at this point of time, you cannot consider experimenting. Done that, you are now left with a few on the list. Its time you gather more in depth information, reaching out to people having firsthand knowledge of the particular occupation would be a wise step. By now, there is that one occupation that you have decided to pursue. Get going with it by putting up a proper plan and eventually find a job in that field. After setting down your goals work on your career action plan. Your new career might require you to go through a training process. Make sure you make the most out of it Last but not the least, its time you say goodbye to your current career and deal with related issues. Make a fresh start!