What is a business administration degree all about?

business administrationBusiness administration degree basically focuses on the preparation of business management work. It helps a student get prepared for working in the field of commerce. The management can be specialized in various aspects including insurance, health care, technology, and real estate, retail business or in general service. Some of the subject that a student needs to study in the course of business administration is accountancy, economics, data analysis, operating management, project planning, business ethics and communication. In addition to all this, a field of specialization is required to be selected by them. Stages of business administration Business administration course comprises of four stages. A student is provided with an option to complete the entire procedure or quit in between to start earning money by getting a job. However, the entire course of business administration consists of associate’s degree of business administration (ABA), bachelor’s degree of business administration (BBA), a master’s degree of business administration (MBA), Doctorate degree of business administration. Details of stages of business administration The degree of associate in business administration is the first and the basic steps to enter in the field of business administration. This course takes a time period of two years and prepares you for entry level administrative position. The next level after the course of associate degree is that of bachelors in the said subject. It is a course of four years. Thereafter, you can pursue for higher studies in the same field or opt for administrative or managerial jobs. If you want to continue with the studies, then in the next level you would have to work hard for the master’s degree. It is a two years course altogether. After earning this degree, getting a job with handsome salary is easy. However, this degree has become quite common now a day’s thus reducing the overall value of this course. The last and the most advanced level is that of Doctorate. If you succeed in earning this degree then the career opportunity to teach in university or work as a business research or a consultant is available for you. However, holding all these degree and becoming a doctorate is not at all an easy task. You need to devote many years of your life in this field and keep working hard patiently.